Join us this Purim as we head to The Office

Make plans to attend our Purim Celebration at the office of Dunder Mifflin, Inc this year. Show up in your best work attire to match the theme or choose a unique costume. (Please keep all costumes G-rated.)  However you choose to dress, come ready for a good time!
Dinner will be available for purchase at 6pm with all proceeds going to the Youth Fund.
Games, entertainment, costume contest and frivolity will begin at 7pm.

Returning This Year!

Everyone will be earning Mitzvah Money (along with candy) as we play games.  When we have finished playing, choose how you would like to donate your Mitzvah Dollars.  This will turn into real cash – dollar for dollar – that the synagogue will then donate to each charity. Adults, we encourage you to add your green backs to our donation baskets as well!



MEAL PLATE: $5 each (Meal plate includes: entree, chips & drink)
add dessert to meal for an extra $1
Choice of:
2 hot dogs
chili dog
grilled chicken
hot dog – $2
chili dog – $4
grilled chicken – $3
chili – $3
chips – $1
drink – $1
dessert – $2
wine – $2