Shalom Friends!

Passover is all about recounting the story each year of how God redeemed the Israelites from slavery.  While many of the holidays center around community/synagogue rituals, Passover is unique in that it is completely centered in the home.  Community seders are wonderful times of coming together to celebrate, but they can never replicate the feeling of gathering around a table in someone’s home to remember the pivotal moment in our history where God redeemed us!

We encourage you to have a home seder to experience for the first time, or once again, the beauty and meaning of this holiday.  We wanted to provide resources for you to have a seder in your home.  While just the beginning of what you can find online, we pray that these links  provide you with a great starting point for your celebration of Passover this year. 

L’shana haba’ah b’Yerushalayim!

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Disclaimer: Please note that these sites and resources are extensive and we have not read through every one.  They are offered here as options for you.  The views or ideas expressed may not reflect the official theology and views of Kol Mashiach.  

Learn About Passover

Before you begin your Passover planning, here are some resources to help you learn more about the history of the holiday and its traditional observance. 

Host a Passover Seder

In this time of crazy grocery stores and concern for tomorrow, take this opportunity to embrace the process of collecting your items for your seder plate.  Thankfully, there is not a run on matzah like there is on toilet paper.  However, now is the time to start gathering your non-perishable items, like matzah and horseradish, as you use up the rest of the items with leaven in your pantry.  Make the best with what you can get and plan to have family join you via facetime or skype.

Passover Haggadahs You Can Purchase

If you want to order professionally printed Haggadahs, you’ll need to order soon to get them in time for your seder:

Passover Haggadahs You Can Download

If you want to download and print your own Haggadahs, there are a wide array of them available for free online.  These are ones that are specifically Messianic.

Seder Plates, Matzah Tashes, and Elijahs Cups, Oh My!

When it comes to “pretty things” to use for your seder, there is a wide selection in a range of price points that you can purchase.  The teaching of Hiddur Mitzvah says that we should strive to make our fulfillment of a mitzvah as beautiful as we can.  When God commanded the Israelites to make his tabernacle in the wilderness, it wasn’t just functional, it was beautiful!  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and doesn’t have to mean expensive.  You can find a beautiful plate and wine glass at the Dollar Store and use them for your Passover Seder.

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Passover Songs

If this is your first time hosting a Seder, you may be unfamiliar with some of the songs that are sung.  There are as many variations of these songs as there are sand on the seashore. We’ve created a playlist of songs on YouTube that sing the traditional melodies (mostly).